Game Film Coaching

“What did I do wrong?” or “Why did they say no?”

How many times have you said this to yourself after a conversation with a prospective coaching client? It’s frustrating, because you’re such a great coach, but the sales part? Not so much…

The key is to review your conversations and make improvements so you’re not repeating the same mistakes in your NEXT conversation.

This is what we do in Game Film Coaching.

Four weeks, focused on strengthening this one crucial element of your business. So instead of dismissing  conversations with a prospective client as a failed sales call, we will evaluate what worked and what didn’t. You ask questions, tweak some things, take action, test ideas.

In a short period of time, you’ll find your service and enrollment improving. 

Limited to 3 coaches per 4-week session, each coach gets 30 minutes every week. So bring any question about client enrollment/renewal, fees, moving a proposal along, a coaching conversation where you feel stuck, who or how to invite someone to a conversation, building on an existing opportunity – anything to help you continue to create clients.

It’s a modest investment: $900. And you get to learn along with two other coaches which makes learning easier and much more fun because we’re doing it together! 

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Entrepreneurship is a personal growth engine disguised as a business pursuit.

James Clear