Intentional Prosperity For Coaches

You’re all about serving. I get it.

But the business of coaching can be an emotional and financial roller coaster, can’t it?

In Intentional Prosperity for Coaches we work together to take care of the BUSINESS of coaching and create a practice and lifestyle you love.

We’ll focus on:

  • Creating consistent, reliable income.
  • Charging a strong, respectful fee that values the work you do.
  • Designing an enrollment process you actually enjoy.
  • Developing your unique service offerings.
  • Having more fun!

Plus we’ll work on mastering the mental game required to grow your business:

  • Exploring your relationship with money so its easier to price your services, and ask for those prices with confidence.
  • Adopting business perspectives and policies so you can stop taking things personally and letting failure and criticism slow down your progress.
  • Building a business mindset that will keep you from being sucked into shiny new tactics in search of a “quick fix” to get more new clients.
  • Melting resistance to business and creating habits so you don’t get distracted by what “everyone” is doing… and instead keep forging your own path!

If you’re interested in learning more, please email Melissa Ford, at and we’ll schedule a time to talk further about this group and whether it’s a fit for you.

Here’s What We’ll Be Doing

Over 6 months:
  • DIALING UP YOUR INTENTIONALITY This is the heart and soul of IPC. Without a strong commitment to succeed at business, coaches WILL NOT prosper! This is about upgrading our wanting to succeed to being willing to make it happen. From this strong, internal place, we’re consciously on purpose to serve our businesses by creating paying clients and having ongoing conversations with prospective clients so we can consistently serve others and run a sustainable business.
  • STRENGTHENING YOUR SERVICE Service isn’t static. As we evolve so does our service. We’ll identify areas where you can grow as a coach which will elevate your level of service and the value you deliver.
  • MAKING MONEY What do all viable businesses have in common? They make a profit. The same is required of your coaching business. We’ll be discussing MONEY, MONEY FEARS, and clearing the “mental clutter and self-imposed obstacles” that keep you focused on price rather than VALUE and POSSIBILITY
  • SALES SYSTEMS & ENROLLMENT CALLS Every business has a sales department that’s continually operating. You do, too. YOU’RE IT!  Coaching is a 100% commission based business. We’ll be evaluating and upgrading your sales system so you are tracking prospective client conversations and actively enrolling clients. We’ll review and enhance your enrollment calls by being direct, knowing your end game, and taking the personal out of your business.
  • RESEARCH + DEVELOPMENT Every profitable business has ongoing research and development. We’ll take time to work ON your business by identifying your ideal clients, creating your unique offerings, setting your pricing and speaking strongly about your services.
  • TAKING THE PERSONAL OUT (Business Owner vs Business Victim) We’ve all been heavily conditioned to operate from that place of What do people think of me? Even when we’re conscious to it, this low-grade thinking can hijack your coaching business. Instead of taking things personally, ask yourself: What if I were 5% more consciously running my business like a business?  We’re going there! The result? You’ll experience greater freedom, creativity and financial success!

Real Coaches, Straight Talk about IPC

In their own words, coaches describe why they joined IPC, and why it’s been a game-changer for their coaching practice:

Nancy was experiencing a lot of stress due to the feast-or-famine nature of income in her business, and could not get clear on how to break the cycle.

In all honesty, I would not be in business today had I not found Melissa and enrolled in IPC.  I was able to focus my energy on the “doing” AND “being of running my business with other like-minded coaches.  Over the six months of 1:1 and group coaching, I was able to slow down and truly decide what I want my business to look like.  Hands down the best investment I have made in myself and my business.

Nancy Harris

Learn about other coaches’ experiences here.

Here’s How We’ll Get It Done

IPC runs for six months.
  • LIVE WEEKEND KICKOFF – (in Chicago, Illinois) Starts Friday (evening), Saturday (Full Day) and Sunday (morning). If a live weekend is possible, we will kickoff our six months together virtually!
  • Six private coaching sessions with Melissa
  • Monthly Game Film Coaching Zoom Calls – to make the learning and integration deeper and more impactful, we spend 90 minutes every month reviewing our enrollment calls and coaching calls to find ways to be in leadership with our prospects/clients and serve even more deeply.
  • Monthly Content Calls via Zoom– here’s where we dig into the practical aspect of running a business – creating our own unique sales (service) systems, enrollment conversations, strengthen our business mindsets, create our service offerings, and remove the personalizing from typical business dealings that has us react and stall out. In addition, my coach, Steve Chandler, will be joining us via Zoom for a Q&A Webinar on the topic of business ownership and creating intentional prosperity.
  • Rotating Peer Collaboration – pairing up with peer coaches to share your systems, experiences, insights and powerful coaching. We’re working together!
  • Private FB page so we can stay connected, be inspired and learn together.
  • Resources included: books, videos, audios (including my book, Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach, Steve Chandler’s 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back and James Clear’s Atomic Habit)
  • If we meet in person, the IPC fee includes your weekend accommodations (two night stay/double-occupancy) at The Langham Hotel, Five-Star Hotel & Spa in Downtown Chicago including Club Lounge Access with breakfast buffet, all day refreshments, afternoon tea and evening appetizers/cocktails. The Langham is a luxury property located in downtown Chicago with a beautiful view of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Their focus is on exceptional, detailed oriented service which makes this the perfect place for us to kickoff our six months together!

Next IPC starts in May, 2022! Contact me if you’d like to discuss joining.

Limited-Time Offer

Register NOW and you’ll receive:

Three BONUS private coaching sessions with Melissa

PRE-GROUP Zoom Calls starting September 2022: Our groups’ objective is to run our businesses like businesses to create consistent, reliable income and we’re starting NOW!

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Entrepreneurship is a personal growth engine disguised as a business pursuit.

James Clear