What’s your story?

In my work, I see a lot of “core” stories. Here’s what that looks like.

Maybe you find yourself saying, “I just don’t have enough time.” Or enough budget. Or enough support. Maybe your repeated message is, “I’m not enough.”

Those statements are examples of limited thinking, and everyone has them. It’s part of being human. But here’s the secret: It doesn’t have to shape your life. Throughout my years of coaching, my clients’ biggest breakthroughs happen when they realize the “core” stories they held so tightly to simply aren’t true. 

Let’s explore – and disprove – the internal stories that are holding you back. Once we do, you’ll experience a seismic shift in how you approach life, experiencing a worldview that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with possibilities. The best part? This change isn’t limited to the professional realm – our work will have a positive halo effect in your personal life as well. 

“Melissa has been an integral part of my ‘team’ for nearly two years and I’m not sure how I did it without her. She cuts through the BS and is an expert at knowing just how to get you to get yourself to the next level. She is truly one of a kind.”

Matt Kosterman, Matt Kosterman Photography

Our coaching relationship: wisdom, insight, collaboration

In individual coaching, we work together in a relaxed, safe, and confidential environment. We’ll examine the core stories about how you see the world and yourself. We’ll integrate new perspectives and approaches slowly and practically. Our work is not about discomfort and driving yourself beyond your limits – it’s about seeing how life works on our behalf and then designing what you desire. 

This means talking about you, your aspirations and goals, and your concerns and challenges. Coaching is a conversational exchange: By accessing your own wisdom and insights to gain a greater understanding of what makes sense for you, change will happen. And we’ll be in it together, every step of the way. 

I work with clients in person, by phone, or virtually. Whether you’re local to the Chicagoland area or reside anywhere else in the world, we’ll build a strong collaborative partnership, unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.