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  • Cover for Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach

    Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach

    Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach tells the story of Melissa Ford’s rise from struggling coach to thriving professional. Raw, honest and full of humor, Living Service details Melissa’s insecurities and stumbles along the way, as well as the powerful insights and actions that transformed her practice—and her life.

  • Book cover for When All Boast Rise

    When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice

    Amazing coaches have amazing teachers, because success in the coaching profession is open to anyone willing to learn. When All Boats Rise takes this idea of apprenticeship to its core, inviting the reader to look over the shoulders of 12 field-leading coaches, so ANYONE – whether new to the profession or a fifty-year veteran – has that chance to learn.

  • Headshot of Melissa Ford

    The All Arminda Virtual Show: Melissa Ford On Service

    Melissa Ford is remarkable. No, seriously. She’s one of the most amazing women I know, and I know a lot of amazing women. My recommendation is that you listen more than once and really let sink in these refined nuances of what service really means and allow yourself time to identify areas in your world (professional and personal) where you can make some adjustments.

  • Headshot of Melissa Ford Black

    The Coaching Life Podcast: Melissa Ford

    The power of shifting to being of service. After twelves years of failing to fill workshops, Melissa hired a coach who helped her shift her focus, and since then she has continued to expand, grow and evolve. This episode gives us all an insight into the journey of an extremely experienced coach, someone who has invested significantly in her own development and whose clients continue to benefit from that investment. This one is all about service, service, and being of service.

  • Mastering sales through profound service thumbnail

    Annie Romanos Podcast: Mastering Sales Through Profound Service

    Melissa Black Ford is a seasoned business and life coach. She started her career as a lawyer, but moved into business for more satisfaction and fulfilment. Yet for years she struggled with the same fears and self-doubts that keep so many of us from being successful. However that changed when she finally learned how to master sales through what she calls “profound service” allowing her to build a prosperous business and live a more loving and inspired life.

  • Strong for Performance Podcast thumbnail

    Acquire More Clients by Living Service on Strong for Performance Podcast

    Are you ready to shift from struggling coach to thriving professional? Guest Melissa Ford has walked that path herself. In her new book, Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach, Melissa describes the uneven steps she took on her way to establish a truly successful coaching.